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pearl-farm-davao-philippinesHere at Filipinos Abroad, we know what it means to be an expatriate living outside of your country of origin. We understand the complexity that goes along with being so far away from your home. We know these things because our founder and personnel have lived it. Some of us are even still living abroad now.

Anybody that has been abroad for any period of time will tell you that it is important to have a stable support network around you when you are living or working abroad. The reason for this is that the life of an expatriate can sometimes be full of trials and tribulation. But if you have a good support network in place, with lots of positive friends and advisers helping you, then living abroad can actually be a joyous experience.

This is where Filipinos Abroad comes in. Our platform provides a variety of tools for Filipino expatriates to not only find that job and go abroad, but also to connect with other Filipinos abroad so that they can make friends at their destination that they are going to and learn from the experience of others that have already gone abroad.

Our Tools and Features

  • Get a FREE Site Membership that comes with a Full Profile and Privileges
  • Try our Job Search Tools that include the latest job listings, a job search engine, and more
  • Join our Member Forum and collaborate with other members
  • Talk with other members in real time in our Chatroom
  • See the latest Headline News from events happening around the world
  • Learn what all our members have going on in our Member Posts section
  • And much, much more!

With broader communication and mutual understanding, Filipinos can learn from each other’s lives and experiences and become an even stronger community working for the common good of the Filipino people around the entire world.

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When you move abroad you confront the unknown. Different people, places, languages, and cultures present a range of challenges and you confront them all at once. You can’t be completely prepared for the changes you face when you move abroad, however, there are some skills you can learn before you move that will make the transition much easier. Plan Ahead Make good decisions. You may always feel as though the decisions you make are “good” ...

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