Filipina Girls and Homesickness

It is only natural when someone moves away from the people they love and the place they were born to get homesick. Filipina girls are no different than anyone else. You will discover in your relationship that you may be the best husband she ever asked for but, it is a fact that Filipina girls will get homesick no matter what you do. Filipina girls will feel homesickness a lot more than others because they come from a very close family and community structure.

When men see that the Filipinas they married become upset they often misunderstand those feelings. Many times the men try to force Filipina women to be happy but it is just going to make her more defensive and upset. It will require a lot of patience dealing with the Filipina girls emotions. Moving to another country and culture are big adjustments.

There are a few ways that you will be able to help her with the homesickness. Don’t disagree about her frequent use of the phone. Use discounted phone cards or a special long distance plan with special rates so that she can call her family often. You can bring her to Filipina support groups or places where other Filipina girls go to meet that are going through the same problems. It would also be wise to get satellite TV so that she can watch the same programs she did in the Philippines. Try to provide some of her native cuisine.

I suggest that you open a savings account for a future return trip and let her know about it. This way she has something to look forward to and knows that she’s will be able to return so she can see her family and friends. Sometimes Filipinas just need the thought that they have the ability to return home. With all the technology we have today, it would also be a good idea to help them become familiar with a video or live chat program like Yahoo Messenger or Skype.

Another good idea before the onset of the problem is to make a plan on how you will deal with the homesickness. Explain to her that these feelings are natural and need to be dealt with. Filipina girls are very excited and willing to leave their countries but never fully understand what it is like to live outside the Philippines until it is too late. So remember, Filipina girls are just as human as you are. These ladies are relying on you to help them through this incredibly tough time.

In the end, if you comfort the Filipino girls through their problems, they will love you more because of your patience and understanding. It is a good chance that she is also young and has never experienced strong emotional concerns, without her family and friends next door. I’m sure it will be well worth the efforts and in time the homesickness will pass.

Source by Scott Carlino


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