Embassy Hosts Reception for Philippine Business Professionals

Ambassador Enrique A. Manalo welcomed over 40 Filipino business professionals working in London to an evening reception at the Philippine Embassy in London.  

“We invited you over so that you may directly get to know the Embassy – who we are, what we can do, and where can we work together” said Ambassador Manalo.  “At the same time, we would very much like tonight to hear from you: about your work, the company you belong to, and any possible area of collaboration between our organizations.” 

Ambassador Manalo also invited the Filipino professionals’ participation in other meaningful fields beyond business and trade, such as support for Filipino artists, cultural groups, athletes, students, advocates, charities and NGOs.   “We would also always want you to help promote Philippine tourism and let your companies know why ‘It’s More Fun in the Philippines’” added the Ambassador. 

The Philippine Embassy regularly holds gatherings such as the professionals’ reception to engage the different sectors and groups that make up the extensive Filipino community in the UK.  Events have been held or planned for Philippine students, academe, health and service sector workers, entrepreneurs, youth and migrant groups, among many other sectors.   Through these activities, the Embassy is able to directly hear from Overseas Filipinos and learn from their diverse perspectives and insights.


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