Guidelines for the acceptance of, Processing and Deployment of Foreign and Local medical teams for disaster response efforts

Posted on Friday, 12 December 2014 

Organizations with the intent of sending medical teams to the Philippines should contact the Office of Acting Secretary Janette L. Garin of the Department of Health (DOH):

Phone : +632 651 7800 ext. 1352, 1301
Fax : +632 310 7560
Email : [email protected]
Attention : Director Maylene Beltran: [email protected]
Director Nestor Santiago: [email protected]

The interim guidelines are as follows:

1. For foreign medical team (FMTs), the DOH will only accept Type 2 (Inpatient Surgical Emergency Care) medical teams and FMTs with existing partnerships with local government units for deployment sites. At the moment, adequate number of Type 2 (Outpatient Emergency Care) teams from national and local health authorities, are available. FMTs must be able to ensure the self-sufficiency and sustainability of their operations including provisions for food, water and fuel for the duration of their deployment.

2. FMTs coming from West African countries (Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia or Mali) or FMTs that responded to Ebola must notify the Office of the Secretary in advance and await further instructions.

3. Organizations must fill out registration forms provided by DOH and assess their team type. The information will assist the DOH in its evaluation for possible deployment. Registration forms are available in Philippine Embassies and Consulates for foreign organizations (Note: as of today, 12 December 2014, the forms are not yet available at the Philippine Embassy in Singapore).

4. Only FMTs from registered organizations will be deployed. The DOH will assess the capacities of foreign and local medical teams and will issue approvals for deployment. The station of operation could change depending on the latest situation on the ground.


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